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When you hire commercial painters the first thing you have to clarify or be sure of is whether or not the company specializes in commercial painting. There is a huge difference between commercial painting and residential painting. The two are completely different worlds where the only common link is that the job is catered to by professional painters.

we offer a range of commercial painting services
Interior Painting

From the quality of the paint used through to our attention to detail are the reasons why clients choose Turbo Painting and Decorating. We take personal care and attention to every job, and ensure that customer satisfaction is the top priority with personal care and attention to every job. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority for Turbo Painting and Decorating and the director ensures that he has visibility of all work that is being conducted by the Company.

We work closely with all of our commercial clients to ensure their painting objects are achieved on time and on budget. Turbo Painting and Decorating can also offer a flexible working schedule so your business operations aren’t disrupted.

Exterior Painting

Our exterior commercial painters provide a hassle free and straightforward exterior painting service for offices, shops, restaurants, buildings warehouses and more. With each and every job we use only quality painting products that are designed for our harsh Australian climate. We truly want you to be happy with our services from start to finish. That is why we guarantee that whether we are there to paint any major project, whether inside or outside, you will be 100% satisfied with the results.

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We also offer office maintenance

Turbo Painting and Decorating can do all of your small maintenance jobs. We specialize in those small & medium jobs that regular contractors find too small to tackle.

cafe restaurants
building complexes
retail shops
hotel resorts

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